typingWe’ve all met people that are just NOT into finding out more about their personality-whether it be through the Enneagram or any other typing system. It’s always been something that’s hard for me to understand- I mean, who doesn’t want to know more about themselves? I just don’t get it. But, it does makes sense to me that some types might be less prone to be interested in personality typing, and this would be congruent with their type.

For example- every Eight I’ve ever met and gotten to know (ok, it’s only about five of them- but still…) has been completely disinterested in anything connected to personality typing. Nines seem mildly interested- but they could also just be humoring me. Sixes (and I do know quite a few of these) also seem to have minimal interest- they do find it somewhat interesting, but don’t delve into the deeper issues with it. Sevens are intrigued by the Enneagram, but seem to move off topic fairly quickly.

Ones and Twos as a general rule seem equally fascinated with the topic- Ones as a means to further their own self-knowledge, and Twos as a way to better understand (and please) the ones closest to them. My fellow Threes (the narcissistic things we are) enjoy anything that focuses more on us, (and I suppose we do also like learning about other people too). Fours being introspective and deep, are intrigued by typing and  waste no time diving into the mysteries of themselves and others.

Have you noticed any pattern with the people you talk to about the Enneagram? Whatever the type, I always have respect for people who want to improve themselves and better understand others. Those are worthwhile goals for us all.

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